Edge Sculptures

Edge Sculptures
Buy Robert Harrop Designs handmade contemporary artisan modern/fine art 'stone like' animal sculptures, figurines/busts. Sandblasted designer pieces For Sale here on Pickworth Inspirations...

Uk Stockists of The Edge Sculptures - Pickworth Inspirations are now suppliers of Matt Buckley collectable Edge Sculptures. An affordable Modern Art Sculpture Collection made in Shropshire, UK. Collectable busts and figurine sculptures, consisting of fine art, artisan animals, mythical, legendary and historical figures and bust sculptures. Quality sculptures for the ‘giftware’ and ‘collectible’ industry.
Affordable Handmade Ceramic Polystone 'Stone Like' Sculptures - Research, Design, Sculpting, Moulding - The Matt Buckley Edge Sculpture collection is influenced by style rather than subject develops on the turntable, retaining the rawness of each clay sculpt. Ornaments are fluid in design and solidly built maintaining the integrity of the original clay sculpture. - Polystone - With significant weight, a porcelain like, 'stone like' feel captures every detail, using this unrivalled collectible sculpture material. - ​Fettling, Sandblasting & Levelling - Preparing for painting; the sculpture is cleaned using small speed adjustable drills, knives and sanding blocks.  The edge sculpture is assembled, sand-blasted and levelled. - Painting & Finishing - Colour patterns are developed with the chosen hues applied for future production pieces. Sculptures are hand painted and hand finished to provide the perfect centre piece for any living room.


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Eagle Bust - Golden

New for Autumn 2019 from End of OctoberAvailable to Pre-order (No money taken until available)Dimens..


Giraffe Bust

New for Autumn 2019 from End of OctoberDimensions Height 54cmLength 28cmDepth 20cm..


Heraldic Dragon Fiery Brimstone

New for Autumn 2019 from OctoberAvailable to Pre-order (No money taken until available)Dimensions&nb..


Horse - Bay

Re-introduced for Autumn 2019 from OctoberDimensions Height 33cmLength 30cmDepth 14cm..



New for Autumn 2019 Dimensions Height 35cmLength 26.5cmDepth 16.5cm..


Siberian Tiger Cub

New for Autumn 2019 from OctoberDimensions Height 18cmLength 24.5cmDepth 13cm..