Artisan Metal Wall Art

Artisan Metal Wall Art
Artisan wall art and Artisan House stockists; we stock authentic, fine quality metal art to create unique and...

unusual designed wall hangings. Tinted steel, brass, copper, chrome and hand painted designs. An eclectic range of sculpted metals and wall art designs; inspired by nature, our surroundings, expression and modern culture. Created in a variety of themes to capture tone, ambience and the enchantment of both subject and setting. Traditional, contemporary and abstract metal sculptures, all pieces are exclusive to Artisan House. 


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Artisan House Supersonic

Dimensions: w49cm x d36cm x h66cm approx Special price normally £299..


City Park

Hand painted steel Dimensions: w127cm x h84cm x d15cm approx..


Cool Squares Steel Wall Design by Artisan House

Ground, hammered and flame-colored steel Size (in): 10 x 3 x 10 ea Size (cm): 25 x 8 x 25 ea..



Flame painted chrome Dimensions: w127cm x d13cm x h74cm..


Fantasy Abstract Metal Wall Art by Artisan House

Flame-treated copper, brass and steel Size (in): 30 x 3 x 24 & 28 x 3 x 19 Size (cm): 76 x 8 x 61 ..


Follow Through Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture, Artisan House

Color-tinted copper and ground steel 39 x 3 x 24 ea 99 x 8 x 61 ea Special offer normally £425..



Dimensions: w71 x d18 x h71cm w41 x d10 x h41cm w41 x d10 x h41cm..


Gallop Horse/Equine Chrome Wall Sculpture, Artisan House

Chrome plated galloping horses Dimensions: 49w" x 8"d x 25"h 124 x 20 x 64 cm..


Interlink Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture by Artisan House

Flame-treated steel and copper Size (in): 44 x 5 x 24 Size (cm): 112 x 13 x 61..


Kaleidoscope Tinted Abstract Wall Hanging, Artisan House

Tinted steel, brass,copper and bronze Size (in): 52 x 4 x 33 Size (cm): 132 x 10 x 84..


Nailed It

Forged steel Dimensions: w125cm x h77cm x d21cm approx..